Gibraltar... and more Gibraltar

Rock and Roll Revolution. First preview performance - June 4th 2017.

Rock and Roll Revolution. First preview performance - June 4th 2017.

Dan: It's nice having time to reflect on something as big as your first ever theatre show isn't it? Is it? I don't know, we've been travelling and gigging solidly since the days following it.

This week (barely two weeks on) finds me in a cab at midnight from Alicante to Cartagena. Chris and I are in one cab and Greg and Ollie in the other (they split us up just like they do with the president's decoy cars so you never know which bluejays are where). I can't ever remember visiting Cartagena so I'm excited to see what tomorrow has to offer when we have the day there.

I awake at 9 and check out of the hotel, which has been furnished by someone who lives in Ikea, and head to this week's ship before heading straight back out to visit Cartagena. It's a beautiful Spanish port where one of the world's most expensive yachts is docked - kinda like a five star hotel with the exterior design of a Russian battleship.

Both boats belong to a Russian billionaire... this is what £660m will get you at your local dockyard.

Both boats belong to a Russian billionaire... this is what £660m will get you at your local dockyard.

Other highlights are the roman amphitheatre which was built here in 673167BC and the castle on top of a hill with amazing views of the city.

As well as the castle we also find peacocks, very loud peacocks.

Posing... or preparing to kill.

Posing... or preparing to kill.

We then sail back home (via a very brief stop in Gibraltar) and after four shows and two full days at sea we arrive back in Southampton to have three days off. We have very few of those this year so they're not taken lightly. Ollie goes to visit Bath, Chris goes to visit Phil Collins in Paris...


... and Dan and Greg chill out in a very hot London (not together, stop gossiping).

Days later and we find ourselves flying out to Gibraltar to do pretty much the exact same thing we did the week before (travel broadens the mind). We arrive in our very nice hotel, enjoy the views of the sea and look at the very big rock we'll be climbing up the next day.

The next day comes, as does the cable car to take us up the rock (as if anyone would climb it), it's a huge rock on a very small island and if you didn't know, many monkeys live up it.

After the short cable car ride we are immediately confronted by a big monkey (that sounds far more aggressive than it was, he was just sitting). A few monkeys on and perhaps the best incident in recent weeks takes place. One thing you won't be surprised to learn is that if you take food in a bag up a mountain with monkeys on it, they're going to steal the bag and eat the food. So whilst filming a few shots for an upcoming video, Greg unfortunately made the mistake of leaving his bag unattended for mere seconds before Mungo the monkey pounced and proceeded to clear the contents of the bag before eating a Twix quicker than my mate, fat Dave.

After getting way too much sun and not nearly enough chocolate covered caramel, we returned to the ship, left port and performed two very well played and well received shows, yes, my words.

As I write this we have two more shows to go before returning to England on Saturday for a private gig in Oxford and then a week off. Yes, A WEEK.