Caribbean - Feb 2017

Greg: After a night in the Sugar Bay Hotel (this was the view from my room!)

We boarded the first ship (of two this week!) at the bakingly hot St Kitts. The first order of play was clearly to head to the highest (hottest) point of the outer decks, and find a good sunbathing spot (Seriously, you have no idea just how hot it was - I think I might have been technically edible by the end) where Dan and I proceeded to lounge for 2 straight hours.

Not strictly an experienced sunbather, being the pastiest Brit you're ever likely to meet and choosing the Caribbean sun for my first sunbathing for 15 years... THIS happened.

Before evidence of said damage chose to show its ugly face, I had a little session in the gym and managed to snap this photo of my insane view as I cross-trained like a maniac.

A fantastic few days were to follow, including performing both of our regular shows; a rare-ish treat for us as often we will tend to showcase one show followed by a more gig-like affair to raise the roof on the last day.

In between show days - we came, we pub-quizzed, we tended not to win.

Our day of disembarkation was February 3rd - the day we lost three Rock 'n' Roll legends way back in 1959. We felt that a fitting nod to one of our absolute heroes, Buddy Holly, was in order.

We dragged our guitars along to a stunning (HOOOTTTTT) beach in Barbados (as ya CLEARLY do) and bashed out a cover of Buddy's Blue Days, Black Nights for y'all to hopefully enjoy. 

We then flew to St Lucia. Another miserable, rainy place...

We stayed the night in St Lucia before boarding the mighty Britannia, the largest British passenger ship built to date. They must have known we were coming as they assigned us this guy to clean our cabins!


Being away together affords us plenty of time to learn new material so we decided to add a brand new (to us) 50s classic into the show. I won't spoil the surprise, but it may or may not be a song famously covered by The Beatles a few years later... any guesses?

The shows went swimmingly (Pun? No? FINE!) and we were treated to wonderful packed houses. The theatre on Britannia is incredibly well-equipped and we make full use of its huge LED screen.

After the shows, we are usually lucky enough to be able to chat at length to so many people who show a keen interest in Rock 'n' Roll - many of them with stories of having seen the greats in concert. It's great also to be able to tell people about our forthcoming tour and sign them up to our mailing list - which you can do here.

I have to close by thanking a random Scottish man. 

As I was enjoying a midnight jacuzzi under a clear starry night in Dominica (work, work, work), a lovely Scottish couple appeared from nowhere and, after a brief few words about the band, proceeded to leave, only to return a moment later with an ice cold pint for yours truly. So cheers to you, James!

Only in the Caribbean...